A Sonnet (Love)

In that destined instant, between now and never Was a wishbone, longer, beckoning forever She was the lass who counted a whole eternity While he leaned over, and lifted her careless knee And they both bled something beauty could not contain Like the crimson tide, of red sea algae fame, in brief sustain It was … Continue reading A Sonnet (Love)

A Sonnet (To My Enemy)

We are but sharp talons in each other throat, Of sonnets that counter-resist, catamarans still afloat I’m just a poet who met you down your journeyed road Where my eyes found thee, in a promenade’s abode Kill me, not with toxic words that sting, Like the scorpion in thee, like that merciless thing, In you, … Continue reading A Sonnet (To My Enemy)

A Sonnet (Parted Lovers)

Absence makes the heart grow fonder Of two souls, fate carved asunder T’was the tango of love, in fool’s brace She was armed for the moment, in corset lace Now she looks through the window pane, Like him through the broken sane, Hath both flown with Daedalus’s wing The sun was in reach, for lovebirds … Continue reading A Sonnet (Parted Lovers)

A Sonnet (First Time)

Once bitten, once cried, the heart braved As she watches from a lonely window pane Half-chicken crossed, to arms of the depraved  As virtue stood corroded on beautiful lovers’ lane Love, a foolish art, or a folly-first science Of what it is to blossom the courage bloom A bittersweet spell inside her freed conscience A … Continue reading A Sonnet (First Time)


In Sri Lanka, young girls, learn From middle school onwards, that their bodies Are more sacred than temples, only to be embellished With beautiful things, like a gold ring, Which ushers in, the most breathtaking night, When honey-dips take the form Of body fluids; drool, sweat and sebum Gliding out surreptitiously, as she learns The … Continue reading Butterfly

Making Babies in Your Sleep

We articulate the definite, And conceal our doubts, fears and anxieties. The three musketeers that battle  With their muskets, on the inside of you. You realize, the panic-stricken heart Is a racy chamber, and phobias like, Claustro-, Arachno- and Miso- Are just your own concoctions, that nagging worry About a poem’s eventual fate; whether it … Continue reading Making Babies in Your Sleep