Kittyhawk, North Carolina
That place where Wright Brothers

Proved the whole world wrong.
And they showed

How wingless creatures
Become floating vessels

To witness the first man-made flight,
Of how a little glider

Glided some hundreds of meters,
What took evolution, 53 million years,

Of strengthening sinews
And stitching feathers

And just like the B52, you see
Crow bombers bombing the life out,

While albatrosses dive like Concords,
And A380s make 360 degree turns

While in an office in California
A man named Elon Musk

Masterminds a space dragon to find
An exoplanet that can sustain life,

To master the spacey places
Far beyond Glastonbury,

Where Avalon still lies,
On the far edge of a dream.

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