Three Short Poems

making love 4


In that dream powered motion
That is not rapid eye,
You find ink dripping off a quill,
Like an organ full of milk,
Trickling onto a brown parchment,
To bequeath a zygote that will
Someday soon, possess a heartbeat.
And thus a poem is born.


She took out the lesson
Out of life, climbed a body heavier than hers
Like a moss monster on a herculean man
And she let him guide her through galactic places
Until she was just an UFO
No radar could find.

Love and Infatuation

What is bullet-proof,
Mine-free in truth, and still stretches
Your courage to span to her state.
Defying the mechanical
Delving sugar-paved boulevards
To be, not to be, saccharine.
Only sucrose.

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