American Dream

Present drips in to your tongue, Like a cookies and cream ice cream cone. You’re taught to believe that fate promises And yet still, will not deliver. So many Americans have dripped Their tongues to taste the supposed good times, Only to encounter the salty nothingness, What leaves behind a memento, Of how this land … Continue reading American Dream

Porn Shop In New York

There is no sense in wondering Where each person comes from, In a land that fuels the dream engine. Here people live and die, on the promise of a dream, That like a reverie, multiplies And divides, as we climb a ladder To reach out to a taller rack, Inside a warehouse, which stockpiles dreams. … Continue reading Porn Shop In New York

Three Short Poems

Baby In that dream powered motion That is not rapid eye, You find ink dripping off a quill, Like an organ full of milk, Trickling onto a brown parchment, To bequeath a zygote that will Someday soon, possess a heartbeat. And thus a poem is born. Transcendence She took out the lesson Out of life, … Continue reading Three Short Poems