Humanizing Beauty


There are standards of beauty
De-facto mannequins that to the bygone eye,
Makes a carefully crafted memory,

Which in time, becomes a careless nostalgia,
When you look out of a window-pane
To a world of unspooling collages.

There exists, jawbones, a tad like Mandy Moore’s
Thighs and hips, all generously Tyra Banks
And a heart of wonder woman, perfectly Gal Gadot.

And still we record another’s beauty
Into to the opposite polarity, even though we know,
Beauty can sometimes be synonymous and non-consequential.

The humanization of beauty,
Begins with an always-endearing smile.
In the pidgin of reflexes. How soon you are,

Able to stretch your cheeks, Orientalize your eyes,
And to open the mouth of a cave,
To mine the human ore.

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