In the foremost moment, You chuck in happy in the form of balmy, The same way you look at an apple.  Malus and malady, pulp and plague, Metamorphosing your lips, your cheeks, Everything other than your mind, Looming to first kill - primavera. Every assassination, straight or gay, Is a little kill at best or … Continue reading Towing


A muscle spindle is fusiform In shape, so is a leaf, spelling out That nature is filled with Fusiform geometries. I learn that medicine Too has fusiform, blood clots And aneurisms, which can give You death in an instant. Then there are pasta, also spindle Shaped, as fusilli, the Latin word For fusiform. Then I … Continue reading Fusiform

Stranger in Japan

The ocean reclines, ebbing away Like the kimono of a geisha, While in the next room, a foreigner Waits for some pleasure. Entertainment Turns itself on, in the submissiveness of a knee, And the warmth of a tea cup. They lose all their inhibitions, while The corn flake skin on the stranger’s epidermis Makes a … Continue reading Stranger in Japan