Memory – An Honest Look


Every pill the doctor orders does
Not work on you. For example,
You cannot take a paracetamol for a viral 
Infection. You’re a prize idiot
If you do so. Apple a day – which comes in the form of my wife –
Does not make the melancholy go away.
Memory pills, they too exist, especially
For students who have more amnesia
Than Random Access Memory, or RAM.
Memory is just a bonsai plant at best,
The mind always trims the shoots and leaves a diorama of little
Interlocked pathways. You can’t defrock
Memories, like plucking apples
From a tree. It just falls, like a shooting
Star, blazing a trail of sparking neurons,
Which is like a spaghetti dish, convoluted
Round and round. Memory is like,
Searching for a heavenly god, and the cloud
Cover is impeding you from that moment,
Or perhaps it’s too far away in span, to gather.
We all have a consciousness about us,
That stock-takes the past. It is a passive
Science at best. The highest in value, is on the top
Of the inventory list, ensuring that some memories
Are like evening showers, they
Wet the deepest places. While others
They trickle to a sheer oblivion, like how every new horizon takes you away
From the last. Just like Black Leonardo, Washington
Carver, was known for the little peanut,
And George Washington was known
For the birth of America, you too will be remembered
For some small or big deed. Everyone climbs
Some heart’s attic, when you donate to that
Heart, something much bigger than just
A room with a view;
– A vantage point to your past.

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