You wonder, how you can describe Autumn to a child. I guess you can always Show a rubber tree, deciduous in December, And brightening up in luminous leaflets, The following April. That is how we see The leaves fall here in Sri Lanka. Still nothing turns gold here. Everything is just as bare as naked … Continue reading Autumn

9/11 – The After Story

There are flea markets in Tribeca Little migrant stalls selling Pakistani Cashmere, Chinese ornaments and African curios. While a little upwards, Madison Square garden hosts a Floyd Mayweather fight. While a long way downwind, you have renewal, A 9/11 memorial, a structure that epitomizes The fighting spirit of the common man. The days of Marcione … Continue reading 9/11 – The After Story


There is nothing more subjective than god. Some people carry him in their pockets, Some on their tongue, Some on their back, While other they camouflage god Inside profanities, And still god, he creeps through Cracks in your system, Beautifying that strange sanctum Called the soul, with bullet Proof walls. God is just Weatherproofing tomorrow … Continue reading God