Anaconda arms, feeling her perimeter, Navel music moaning Through swan-feathered sheets, As sweaty, musk-dripped oar, drifts to water. A single sailor reaching out to the billowing brine, The craftsmanship of paddle, Drifting inch by inch, as they become Like the wind-torn sail, muscled through destiny’s arms. Humid portholes, sparkling Like prismed lenses, the halite trails … Continue reading Swell


There’s a diner that serves pity On the menu. Something I will order Just once to see, whether the doves Have wings, or the serpents will slip Away. Pity comes like a spacey spaceship To carry me off to a far-away Habitable planet, to make me an Extra-terrestrial, on that lonely place; Something to salvage … Continue reading Pity


Umbrellas bloom like mushroom tops. Mud slides like sleighs down a slope. Puddles gather soiled water. A car rolls past the wipers working Full speed, to counter the deluge, Slowed down by the incessant rain. A man looks out of a window pane, Through the lumen of time, A continuum, notorious for both Retrospection and … Continue reading Rain

The Poor (Two Poems)

The Poor Through the smudges of reality They hoist their head high And scan a hostile environment.  The wooden cane, just an ally, Money. just a friend in need, The corner on the pavement, A home for the daylight hours. And hope, the reflection of empathy Through a mirror on a frail face, The smile … Continue reading The Poor (Two Poems)