Love on the Rocks

Love 7

Stone cold dusk,
Witness to a boat barging on rocks,
The twilight soothing into
The night. Storms brew, impaling
The mast, hull dripping of froth,
Dances its way towards the Herculean rocks, while
A lone lighthouse, loans light
To the break-prone body. The night sweeps life
While the hull shatters against the fortress of rock,
Nails holding her together breaking loose,
Planks one by one, sliding to the water,
Until the waves take to slumber
After the storm. The white bedsheet
Ebbs, while the table lamp
Still issues light, while the broken
Boat looks at the mighty rock,
And rushes to clean herself.

There was nothing to salvage
Even the roar of the wind had silenced, as stars lazily
Spread themselves on the ocean, and the broken hull
Anchored to the shore to be restored
To her original self. The tall bed lamp
Was shut out, the sea was all black now,
The creases no longer standing tall.
Everything surrendered,
Ebbing away, the silence gripping
The ocean front. It was the final
Curtain call, as all movement ceased.
The tingling feeling kept two souls
Awake in each others arms for a while longer,
Until one succumbed and other
Soon followed.

The hull and the rocks
Both forgotten to time, priming
Their bodies for the next time,
To answer the call of desire,
Which becomes for a brief period
Like an epiphany, when she needs
To light a birthday candle that hoists
The sail and is blown to the rocks
She cannot salvage the agony
Of the breaking. She is like the crumbs
Of the Eucharist host,
Whose taste, someone’s mouth,
Will forever remember.

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