A War Poem

Upon the wound, the bandage rests Blindfolding the blood soaked knee, From morphine and flies alike While the eyes they shoot glances At where smoke plumes go up Holding the pathology of tunnel vision, That like the barrel of a gun Becomes your own keyhole to another world The wound sees another wound Pain prolonged, … Continue reading A War Poem


  There are no warm shoulders on strangers There are no eagles on the tip of flowers. Somethings are not meant to be. We are just as religious as a petal Synthesizing anthocyanins to make the flower seem brighter, To attract insect pollinators. We too comb our hair, wear an ironed shirt, And walk tall, … Continue reading Reminiscence

My Legacy

I like three things that make Me unpopular. Science, Poetry and Quizzing. I’m not for the barbecue and the beer. I’m in my own way in the IUCN red list, And unless I get my wife pregnant, Soon, I will become extinct, just Like my lineage and my surname. We are all fighting to leave … Continue reading My Legacy