Foliage in abscission Ants scampering sensing changes In the ambient environment. The days getting shorter, the nights Made for love making, like a broth of soup Heating on a flame. The kites turn in for the season. No more bright fireworks of the orbing sun, The days get lazier and in the night, You shuffle … Continue reading Autumn

Telling My Son how Fate Works

I tell my teenage son, That fate doesn’t always bring Everything to the doorstep, Unlike a milk bottle, the newspaper, And letters. The last one of the lot, snail mail, Is fast becoming extinct, with only Water bills and marketing announcements, Coming in the postal system. I tell him To always be alert, but never … Continue reading Telling My Son how Fate Works

1st September 1939

The Vistula was silently flowing Like a ghost fleeing a body, streaming Past a sparsely-vegetated valley.  While a Polish town slept, unaware Of what was about to happen. . Through the slippage of the night There were monster movements, straight And yet serpentine, stealthily Inching towards a German camp near the border. There was nothing … Continue reading 1st September 1939

Business of Smoking

Is smoking a cigarette, Different between man and woman You wonder. It should be the same, A little bird inside tells you, and Yet it is not, in practice. A man, takes a smoke to his mouth, Inhales the magic and the charm Holding the cigarette In different finger combinations, Placing it in the middle … Continue reading Business of Smoking