The Last Mango

It is never easy when the bumper Season of mangos comes to an end. We look at mangoes, like we look At a woman’s breasts, starting with her Cleavage. We look at the color of the dress, Yellow and green, streaked around in mosaic paint. And we keep looking at the mango Wondering, if we … Continue reading The Last Mango

The Storm

A beggar’s misery we really don’t see. Giving a coin or a 50 rupee note, is just a reflex For some people. We rarely Give a moment to look at a specimen That struggles daily with green dough, The type that goes to his palm In small numbers. Struggle is never easy It is a … Continue reading The Storm

The Bible as for a Playboy

The old testament gathers pace Genesis is a right, one of many beginnings, Exodus is just paying forward lust  Finding a place called the promise land. You realize that the new testament Is your body, that finely-tuned sex machine, That dies many small deaths and resurrects A few hours later, horny and hungry. The body … Continue reading The Bible as for a Playboy


Happiness, is a recipe, they say With ingredients. I chop a carrot and make some Carrot juice, after a gym workout. I had made the muscles of my legs Happy and now it was time To make my eyes, the rods and the cones, Sighted through the myopic lens. Everything I do, is to let … Continue reading Sadness


There is the somber, and the outright dark. We can’t hide from the inevitable, Death, strikes us like a gong,  We are only armed to handle the delicate. As you remind yourself, epiphanies are never always good. We send SOSs from our dungeons Searching for a rope ladder. You too have stumbled on to sorrow … Continue reading Hope