Two Poems titled “Low Tide”

Activity Fun Sky Kite Ocean Flying Beach
Activity Fun Sky Kite Ocean Flying Beach

Low Tide

The one that got away, just like an eloped kite
Poses a question, asks a riddle, that has no answer.
You extrapolate from memory
Drawing a line from where she left,
To the present. Something surreal
Takes over you, an inverse of deja-vu
Climbing inside your feeble heart,
As you learn that the cartography of fate
Is an impossible science,
And still, you make a crude design,
A figment at best, embellish it with décor,
Until that thought, like the incoming low tide,
Encroaches, transforming you,
To your own, devil’s advocate.

Low Tide

We looked out to see strangers
Laid out like a festive smorgasbord,
So many diverse skin types,
Strangers, making this a hive
Of activity. That night, we were counting
The stars on the jet black sky,
Niches of constellations
Summoning sight. I was just
As inconspicuous as every face in
That crowded street, or in the constellated sky,
Learning a crucial lesson in life,
That camouflage, is just about everything
You neglect to encounter,
On the bathroom mirror.

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