Bacterial sexual reproduction
Is called conjugation – how they
Are able to exchange genetic material
in cell-to-cell contact.
While in man, there is a different
Kind of conjugation, when cusp
And curve meet, toying each other
Until there is a tectonic slippage
When it is said that, man has engaged
In conjugal activity. Nowadays,
Even prisoners have conjugal rights
That’s the adult version of a sleep-in,
Or perhaps a rare occasion
When a prisoner feels like a woman’s champion.
So why do we, in this modern world
Flee conjugation? Solitude does
Beckon, like a lightning strike or a bout of thunder,
Perhaps its menacing to know that conjugal
Means letting go of all the possibilities,
For the to-be-accidents,
To happen. You always wish, your story
Is a fairytale or maybe a screenplay
And still you come to realize that tokens are bigger
Than treasures, that strand of hair
Of your wife, that sticks to your face as you wake up,
Her kiss that wipes it all clean,
Her fragrance called Love story
Which makes her irresistible. Conjugal
Is like the big bang; you and her
A collision of planets and gold rings
In that memory-entangled catalysis
Of clay and clay, dissolving touch
To a gooey-oxytocin charged
Aftermath. And dark matter
Is what keeps you and her alive,
Unlike the out-of-body light, sparking
At touch. We are 20% conjugal at most,
And the remaining 80%, is what
We don’t cherish, the dark matter.
Marriage we realize, is the inverse
Of the Pareto’s principle – 80/20.
Dark matter it seems, preserves us
While conjugation, is what we all do,
To let our bodies know,
They can scintillate.

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