To The Nefarious

The Party Pooper is the one Who spoils the party. Fact not myth. Sometimes we are so blinded, wearing blindfolds We cannot see the truth at the end Of one’s nose. Lies only make Pinocchio And lies, next to Geppeto, looks a lot like “Thou shall not bear false witness” The storm-makers, they come and … Continue reading To The Nefarious


Bacterial sexual reproduction Is called conjugation – how they Are able to exchange genetic material in cell-to-cell contact. While in man, there is a different Kind of conjugation, when cusp And curve meet, toying each other Until there is a tectonic slippage When it is said that, man has engaged In conjugal activity. Nowadays, Even … Continue reading Conjugation

New York (In response to today’s poem-a-day from Academy of American Poets)

I got inspired to write this poem after this poem-a-day from the Academy of American Poets. My poem is second and Jenny Xie's poem is first. Naturalization Jenny Xie His tongue shorn, father confuses snacks for snakes, kitchen for chicken. It is 1992. Weekends, we paw at cheap silverware at yard sales. I am told … Continue reading New York (In response to today’s poem-a-day from Academy of American Poets)

My Grandmother’s Last Days

The cigarette slowly burns. There are no sounds in the surroundings, Solitude is a gay old time Defined by the altruism of cigarette. Inhaling the nicotine, I look around At my garden, the honeysuckles Deadly yet beautiful, the anthuriums Like sails on top of a boat, The orchids, as mauve as the decorated Courage of … Continue reading My Grandmother’s Last Days

Ice Cream Vendor

In Sri Lanka, there are many types Of Ice Cream vendors. First, there is the omnipresent Cargills and Elephant House Vendors, that play some melody Like “Fur Elise” to attract Children and adults alike. Still I miss the “Walls” vendors That used to be, two decades back. I guess I’m in no certain terms, Attracted … Continue reading Ice Cream Vendor