Y2K (Millennium Bug)

There is something
Called the millennium bug.
The Y2K bug that was supposed
To kill off many computer systems.
Still they didn’t. I remember
That day, when all around the Sydney
Harbor bridge, there were revelers
Partying the whole night,
Fireworks pushing sparks
Onto the sky, that the stars became
So inconspicuous, fading to sight.
I was wondering whether my yahoo account
Would crash that night. Still it didn’t.
Fast forward to 2017, we are now
Past Y2K, even the Mayan Calendar Armageddon,
And we are still together. We are so diverse
In skin, in gods we worship,
In our heart capacities,
Or the infrastructure of our libido-makers,
And still there is something that
Binds us all together, something
That is labile, vulnerable, to
Something as little as the flowing out
Of a second, like when 1999
Became 2000. We are time-driven
People, holding onto our spaces
Lover, residence, computer, e-mail account
Our possessions, looking at an endless source
That we can never possess.
Like a river, time flows. The estuary was not Y2K.
We are only boatsmen at best
Navigating the white waters
And the still waters, knowing we
Are just like Y2K. Gone in a second.

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