Meaning Of Life


There is meaning to any life.

Prostitutes sometimes go pro-bono
Even lawyers sometimes do the same.

The doctors, they surgically remove
Cancers and tumorous growths.

The politicians they make funding possible
Although they may pocket something out.

And the meaning of life, is
Somehow related to how we

Answer to that “call”, just like Saul did
When God called him.

Our biologies are not wound around
The mind, only the heart, which strays

Just like a wanderer, to the unknown.
The first kiss was just a lip-press

The first time you made love could
Be assisted masturbation – a hand job,

And still, the first time you looked
At a woman, just to let gravity

Shoot you down, is timeless. An epiphany
Is that sixth or seventh sense of yours,

That gives you the only credential
Needed to know life was lived large.

We are only mechanical if we don’t
Let the heart rule the body. And soul-mate

Is the one who sits on the central throne,
And lets one feeling get the better of you.

Folly is a science that is home schooled.

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