Love 6

There is a family of proteins
In biology, called Aquaporins.
They allow moisture through 
A cell membrane pore.
I listen to biology’s wonders
Knowing we are just scapegoats
Of enzymatic fates,
Leaking out salt tokens through
Eye sockets, but insisting, life is mostly
How we navigate a water channel,
That life-sized aquaporin,
That lets matter through,
Swimming across the water.
We break our bodies doing love,
When the milk of our genetic marrow
Fed on the end of a wooden spoon,
Scripts, a little haiku at first, which
In the poetic sense, adds lines,
Grammar and syntax, until
There is an epic poem, which
Can be narrated just like The Odyssey.
We are all wanderers, like
Odysseus was, pacing our
Lives to a biological clock that
Issues timely coupons, which we collect
And at the end, the collection
Of coupons becomes the only
Thing of worth. Aquaporins,
They do matter, especially the first one,
That defining moment when you realized
You swim through the pore
Better than any wriggly eel.

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