Mother Theresa

What you admire in life,
Has changed over the years.
Before the modern trends, the hipsters
And Generation X, there was the
Church roof doming, church bells
Ringing, and people gathering on Sundays
To partake a meal of the body and blood
Of a man called Jesus Christ.

Fast forward decades, and you’re
Stumped at what you admire.
The girl who travels alone
In a journey of wanderlust, the man who
Comes out of the closet for far-reaching
Applause, the first space traveler
Who happens to be a woman or
A minority. That is when we applaud,
When we pass invisible tokens to
The ones, who are in the limelight.

Still courage is not just about
Wanderlust, the closet or space travel.
It is how your conscience makes
A thought into an action,
The good deed, the utilitarian action,
That surpasses all other virtues.
We are in a world fast eroding of
Real goodness. We are matchstick men,
Cowards, bigots, people with an
Exoskeleton weighing their foot down.
Just look at the ocean, how
Mollusks even after death
Leaves behind a sea shell,
A legacy for all to admire.

Gandhi was no lawyer
Mother Theresa was no nun
Mandela was no prisoner
They were all prime examples
Of courage before anything else.
They stood for the real battles,
That lantern inside, that the conscience
Oils and what fights flicker,
And makes the pads on the ends
Of our palms, beds of generosity
Triggering Aeolian processes
Shaping our future world.

And courage is not removing fear
It is what exists in spite
Of fear or danger. Admiration
Is not just for the ambulance driver
Or the paramedic, it is for the windy
Voice of the truth, blowing
From mouth to ear, from
Conscience to heart, when the
Lantern fires up, steadies the flame,
Like a cauldron does,
Only for the gods to see.

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