Meaning Of Life

There is meaning to any life. Prostitutes sometimes go pro-bono Even lawyers sometimes do the same. The doctors, they surgically remove Cancers and tumorous growths. The politicians they make funding possible Although they may pocket something out. And the meaning of life, is Somehow related to how we Answer to that “call”, just like Saul … Continue reading Meaning Of Life


There is a family of proteins In biology, called Aquaporins. They allow moisture through  A cell membrane pore. I listen to biology’s wonders Knowing we are just scapegoats Of enzymatic fates, Leaking out salt tokens through Eye sockets, but insisting, life is mostly How we navigate a water channel, That life-sized aquaporin, That lets matter … Continue reading Aquaporins

Y2K (Millennium Bug)

There is something Called the millennium bug. The Y2K bug that was supposed To kill off many computer systems. Still they didn’t. I remember That day, when all around the Sydney Harbor bridge, there were revelers Partying the whole night, Fireworks pushing sparks Onto the sky, that the stars became So inconspicuous, fading to sight. … Continue reading Y2K (Millennium Bug)


A fat roasted chicken Bloated by injected hormones. Kim Kardashian in a negligee Catching the lustful eye. The elephant in a Buddhist temple, A tusker so mammoth in size. The whale on the beach, That carcass touching the eye. In this world of large things We strive to be larger than life, Fact not myth. … Continue reading Big

Telling the Truth

The topography Of what is straight, uneroded Between two proximal points, Uncurved, shaping a beginning Carved into a heart-to-heart magnetism. When one mouth, like a buzzing mossie Makes a sound in one’s ear That rocks to and fro, Even quaking in spasmodic forces. Aeolian truth, that begins As a voice, that is untarnished Unadulterated, and … Continue reading Telling the Truth


The lady of liberty Stands with a tablet on one hand, And a torch raised in another,  And a broken chain on her feet, Looking like the perfect goddess Signifying liberty, in a country Of worldly freedoms. While in uptown New York, near 125th street There is a lady, of French ancestry, living alone. A … Continue reading America


What you admire in life, Has changed over the years. Before the modern trends, the hipsters And Generation X, there was the Church roof doming, church bells Ringing, and people gathering on Sundays To partake a meal of the body and blood Of a man called Jesus Christ. Fast forward decades, and you’re Stumped at … Continue reading Admiration