The Story of the Kite

Activity Fun Sky Kite Ocean Flying Beach

Have you seen, anything with four sides,
A cross of eakles, holding together
The outreaching paper, almost
Like the rugged cross in Calvary
Nailed to Jesus’s stance. Have you seen
Anything more child-like,
More dependent on the maternal wind,
More brittle than a new born,
More unsettled than a flag,
Leaping out from her spot in the sky,
In dives and somersaults,
In circumferences and trajectories,
To hold the runner’s heart on a thread,
That flutters louder and faster,
Than the kite itself. In that grip of palm with thread,
You find a tradition, transcending,
The thread between man and woman,
As a child, more active than a tennis ball,
More fragile than glass, holds on to a toy,
That toys with his childish heart,
And yet gifts in one 360 degree somersault,
More rapture, more unadulterated joy,
Than a grown man experiences,
In his many degrees of playfulness,
Doing acrobatics,
On the marriage bed.

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