One Plus One


One plus one, is two.
The formula of marriage,
Symmetrical like man and man,
And woman and woman,
And when you make it unsexual,
It becomes creature with creature,
Or organism and organism,
And from time to time
I look at my friends, who treasure
Equality just like we Christians do,
In shoveling their way
Through this gas fortress,
The atmosphere, like olfactory-gifted
Armadillos, smelling for
The fragrance of love, when
Breath becomes breathless.
And all one creature needs to do
Is tear all the clothes off,
Express-inhale those lumps of gas,
Let out dewy sweat and
Accelerate an unsteady heart,
When through animalistic sounds
You can breathe in an ambery musk
That like a body of ambergris,
Smells like something from the deep,
Slowly rotting away,
Until you’re no longer “one and one”,
Only a sum of two. Some foul-smelling company
In spit-trading distance,
As aloof as two fruit tarts, out of the oven,
Caramelized on the inside,
And crust browned in afterglow.

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