The thawb and kefiyyah Of a man, with olive skin Tanned, golden, prosperous In waist, in wealth and in wives. He worships a god, just like I do He prostrates, while I kneel down, He and I, we both pray, He looks after his wives and daughters, Like his own prized treasures The way I … Continue reading Islamophilia

One Plus One

One plus one, is two. The formula of marriage, Symmetrical like man and man, And woman and woman, And when you make it unsexual, It becomes creature with creature, Or organism and organism, And from time to time I look at my friends, who treasure Equality just like we Christians do, In shoveling their way … Continue reading One Plus One

The Poet

You ponder what is life? The American poets have it easy, Being the ones who get to shove Their poems down so many journals. While in this part of the world There is very little we can do But postbox a poem down the shaft Of an editor, at a reputed journal far away, Who … Continue reading The Poet

Life and Death

There is a small water fern Called Azolla, which I do scientific Experiments with. This water fern As a symbiotic partner, which has co-habited The plant, through 140 million years. A symbiosis like no other. The symbiont, a life form called Cyanobacteria Lives inside a cavity in the Azolla leaf. So what makes this co-existence … Continue reading Life and Death

Archimedes, Newton and Me

I learnt by accident, That a bath tub hides many evils In water. The first is, the Archimedes Principle, that displaces water As you settle on the floor of the bathtub. The next is how small An average bathtub is, for a 6’4” man. Still what I learnt mostly that day was, epiphanies Are bigger … Continue reading Archimedes, Newton and Me

The Perfect Love Poem

Dedicated to all men and women, who strive to become as perfect as they can be In a callous, uncaring world, short of real courage.    A poet starts with three pennies In his mental pockets, which become a title That could capture the essence Of the modern day anti-hero – the lover. A metaphor, … Continue reading The Perfect Love Poem

Yellow Thanksgiving

The myena bird has streaks of yellow Like yellow paint has been Sprinkled on her brown plumage. Yellow are the bamboos that rise Towards the sky, holding nothing aloft Just bowing towards the passing river In sheer humility. Yellow too, is The jaundiced moon, shimmering from afar The bile of light radiating through Craters, making … Continue reading Yellow Thanksgiving

Sadness Explored

My forensic eye, sees white pebbles Inside a bowl in the middle of the round table In our dining room. They glimmer faintly,  Their disclosure, sculpting a little sunny face, My stretched lips, hiding the somber Times, waking up to a gentle day, Into the gregarious wind and the rustling coconut leaves As I shake … Continue reading Sadness Explored

The Story of the Kite

Have you seen, anything with four sides, A cross of eakles, holding together The outreaching paper, almost Like the rugged cross in Calvary Nailed to Jesus’s stance. Have you seen Anything more child-like, More dependent on the maternal wind, More brittle than a new born, More unsettled than a flag, Leaping out from her spot … Continue reading The Story of the Kite