Catching A Rat

mouse trap

Catching a rat is never easy.
You need the perfect bait, which in this part of the world
Is a coconut piece. You put the rat
Trap in the kitchen and wish for two things. First, that there
Is no rat, so that you can get away
With not touching the rat trap.
And secondly, if there is a rat, I want to man up
In front of my wife, to hold in my hand,
A trap with a mouse. Its always a tall pecking order,
To be brave, fact not myth,
And I am no pecking chicken.
They say roosters don’t peck, only hens do, and some hens
More than others.
The next morning,
I was pushed aside by my wife, who handled the rat in the trap.
        This was a story like chicken-licken, me,
Who chickened out of holding a rodent,
When my wife, like a rat expert,
Did so, with so much ease. It’s amazing
How my wife can catch hold of anything
The size of a rat, with so much deftness,
With such skill and precision. Pecking order
Stood that day. I realized how brave
Women are, just like those hens with aggression.
Who peck just to feel alive, to feel real,
To feel that she on top of things
Controlling me, when I’m at my weakest;
– Letting my wife hold the rat…

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