Sports Fan

The dunk has its day as the funk, Lebron does the damage like a cavalier. The pool is cool except for an orb of fire, Making tan marks around speedos. And all the way in India, the agricultural heaves Make the day for the cricket-mad Gujarat boys. And I’m surfing the vast array of sports … Continue reading Sports Fan


Sometimes roles in life Are reversed.   My wife pays for the cheesecake piece I ordered. And my mom drives my syncope-prone Dad everywhere. I take the long road Home, missing the seasonal Christmas traffic. I call a friend who never calls me back, And I wear a condom when My wife is taking a … Continue reading Cheese-cake

Catching A Rat

Catching a rat is never easy. You need the perfect bait, which in this part of the world Is a coconut piece. You put the rat Trap in the kitchen and wish for two things. First, that there Is no rat, so that you can get away With not touching the rat trap. And secondly, … Continue reading Catching A Rat