Demeter is the goddess of agriculture
And harvests, in greek mythology.

You look at the sickle, which has been outdated
By the harvester. A big mechanical monster

That cuts at a line and threshes the grains
Husks separated from the endosperm.

And in this prolonged drought
You look in fear at the grain harvest

Praying a silent prayer to Demeter
To leave something behind for August

The silo, like the tummy, needs filling.
The cracked earth, just like hope,

Filters the rain. The mechanization of agriculture
Has made life easier but has uprooted the romance.

The songs of the rice paddies are dying
A natural death, just like the farmer vocation,

Stalks, like vascular umbilical cords,
Are cut and separated. Renewal triggers

Another beginning, as a new crop is planted.
Samsara germinates life inside the loamy womb

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