Shit Happens in Colombo

Where VIPs have road escorts, As do the politicians; a different kind Here though, that with a blue pill, Makes everything look larger by volume. And there is nothing undemocratic here. Even the dignitaries, with Well-ironed coats and ties, walking to a cafe During the noon lunch break, Are greeted by falling cluster bombs Dropped … Continue reading Shit Happens in Colombo

The Cupboard

My parents have a large cupboard Next to their dinner table. It has old lamps, albums, pans and pots, Unused electrical equipment, And one or two waffle irons. These days they are repairing it, After the termites ate the back boards, That were holding it all together, like a spine. Now the cupboard has only … Continue reading The Cupboard

The Other M (Mother)

Your façade is not bullet proof. It is no ghost town. A keen observer like your mum Can see through the cracks, Your SOS, the finely concealed Snakes inside your closet. Imperfection Is always a bitter pill to swallow. And you send Morse code signals, How one corner of your lip – the right one … Continue reading The Other M (Mother)