Where is Love?


Mars is in the news again
with a headline announcing that there
Is water in Mars. Not the places
You’d expect though. You wonder, what if the heart
Was not the location of love?
Can we send a pathfinder to find
Where in this martian body
Is love found. Can it be the spleen,
What hides little immune cells,
Or the kidney that filters through
Nephrons or is it the mind,
That maps stars on her neurons.
So where is love?. Could it be found in the diaphragm
That open the lungs to be ventilated
Pushing oxygen through
And carbon dioxide out, and makes
Spasmodic movements, when you’re
Near someone that matters more
Than just the caress of skin, or a
Pact of lips. Someone who takes
Your breath away – through the passage
Of a wind pipe – while catching
The windy dream.