Girl with the pearl earings

There are historical paintings,
That are priceless, like the girl
With the pearl earring, the Mona Lisa
Of the northern renaissance.
So what is it about earrings,
That draws our attention….?????
They are pricked into yellow cartilage
To embellish two ear lobes,
Which is, more a tradition of the girl child,
Than it is anatomical bling-bling.
And here you find a custom,
Just like the girl with the pearl earing,
That is inconspicuous to the child
Who will only learn the art of the mirror-gaze
And personal worth, much much later,
When she discovers that the prized rubies are not
What hangs from the ends of ears,
Only a giant ruby housed inside a chamber
Called a pericardium, that lives
Bigger than just being a piece of anatomy,
Worthy only of one pining feeling,
That aches even without a wound.

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