Daniela & Frank's Gorgeous Cambridge Mill Wedding, Anne Edgar Photography
Daniela & Frank’s Gorgeous Cambridge Mill Wedding, Anne Edgar Photography

Historically, an unknown,
That came into being, long after
The stone age, when the heart
Looked deep into the inner sanctum
To assure oneself, that there
Are places inside, that are nameless,
Needing the intervention of a noun,
That can sink or stall or rise.
And one creature who not knows
That the height of man, is not
How he feeds his intellect,
But how he ensures that a fortress,
That is unsure of itself and yet lies agape
To allow the entry of a lifetime warranty,
When real, is an indestructible filler.
The longest road made up of cameos,
Of the shortest distance to travel.
When an implant inside your heart
Becomes your only cargo of worth,
Starting a tradition of inching towards
The very drawbridge, that opens
To let one tongue out
And another – yours – in.