Suicide Watch

Isaac's Apple

You dance
The waltz of living
Circling around the same perimeter,
Work and back,
The same Chinese restaurant,
Hoping to god, that you’re don’t
Have a lengthy span in this
Forsaken world.
You search for a panacea
In a poem breathing out life,
In some weed stoning you,
In some Scotch Whiskey,
That gives you amnesia,
And with my wife
When the dance becomes,
As colorful as a Matisse painting.
You do everything to feel alive,
While at the other end of town,
Near the giant waste dump,
You hear of the dengue
Epidemic killing young children
Too young to realize
That life is a curse.
And death is just as abrasive
As sandpaper, it makes
You irrelevant as the bible
In the hands of an atheist.
You’re just a pothead
Scraping out a living,
Like a coconut endosperm,
And you wonder,
Whether the kid with dengue,
Knows the meaning
Of how little we have control
Over this precious life.
We are just a pendulum
That goes to and fro,
As lost as a drunk in a bar,
Making sense of it all,
Like why in this blue dot
There evolved life,
And why in a full stop
It all goes away. We are
Just mercenaries at best,
Soldiers of fortune
Caught in quotidian rhythm
Of being slaves of day and night
Blinded by our own darkness
Our flirtation with
The nothingness of being.
The existentialist fool
Whose Achilles heal
Is a groping heart
Searching for that blitz
Of light, which like a fire cracker
Or a supernova,
Flares up in a flash.
We are always on suicide watch
On a high tower,
Remembering Newton’s apple,
How it falls to prove,
That gravity is omnipresent,
It’s all around us.
Just like death is, fogging
Our eyes, of life.

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