Mozart and my Mother in Vienna

The oldest memory I have Goes back to when I was three years old. I remember waiting for my mother To land at the airport, coming back From Vienna. Now 40 years afterwards, I look at fondly, how the human mind, Records even the paltry ways, That the heart misses someone, To the extent of … Continue reading Mozart and my Mother in Vienna

After Death

Invariably we are ashes And then dust, which when sprinkled In the ocean, become bioluminescent Dinoflagellates and blown in the air Becomes starry constellations And when kept in an urn on a fireplace, Becomes a purgatory of sorts Reminding why we were in love The first place, and why that ineffaceable Smudge, torments us, like … Continue reading After Death

The Story of the French Fries

A little potato man, The blight of innocence, And the plight of Mchappiness, Squeezing out the succulence Of oil and flavor. While Omaha, Stretches from Nebraska to Normandy, So does a Freedom Fry, Selling the democracy, Of what goes inside the mouth - Just like a kiss - Is a ballot, of a freedom, Spanning … Continue reading The Story of the French Fries

Suicide Watch

You dance The waltz of living Circling around the same perimeter, Work and back, The same Chinese restaurant, Hoping to god, that you’re don’t Have a lengthy span in this Forsaken world. You search for a panacea In a poem breathing out life, In some weed stoning you, In some Scotch Whiskey, That gives you … Continue reading Suicide Watch


This Saturday we are having a day Of clearing the surroundings at the workplace. To clear the front and backyards To make the zone dengue-free. Still dengue is everywhere you look, On a sickly face in the hospital, The obituary in the newspaper, And even the dengue awareness posters Glued on every corner in town. … Continue reading Dengue


What am I afraid of; Hmmm A spider, heights, spiral staircases And strangers entering my home. Yet what I fear the most is the my obituary, Printed on a local paper, proving That Murphy’s Law is accurate as ever, And Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, Which could now perhaps stutter a little, At pronouncing me as dead … Continue reading Obituary