The Gay Man’s Kite

Video killed the Radio star.
In that moment the cold war ended and so died
Innocence, at the hands of the video tape.
We were too young to realize
That each decade defines a genre
A style, a fashion, a craze, or even a bubble
That explodes with little warning
In 2017, while older styles
Are going out of fashion, newer
Styles are emerging, which like Denzel
Washington’s face is near symmetrical
And approximates love
In the same canon, as the institution of love
Classically is.
And the new style, is called queer
Has an abbreviation too – LGBTQ –
Which is innocuous enough,.
It doesn’t really bring down the house.
And yet, the church hushes the whisper
Of the pews, while a little rainbow
Flag flutters, so eloquently.
The wind scoops the kite
From below, and takes her horizontally
And upwards, until the kaleidoscopic kite
Is billowing to the curve of air,
Higher, steeper and mightier
Until the kite falls in a flash
And the wind steps down.
And you look at the naked sky
Only to realize how boring the horizon is.
When the queer kite is absent.
As I hope to god, the digital bubble
Will not kill the kite comet.
Dear Seamus (Heaney)………
Have you ever heard of the windfalls,
Of a kite, crashing against the wind?

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