I’ve ordered Some sweet potato chips And a quarter chicken  At TGIF, the fast food chain, Waiting for a moment of madness, Of gravity prone food, That accumulates the pounds Around my waste, and yet I would rather be cumbersome Than spending a life Of window shopping, And passing, on life’s little joys, Like a … Continue reading At TGIF

Bakery Poet

I began like an indiscreet crumpet With holes in my poetry. I’m no perfect poet, I’m just policing words, Controlling their traffic, With my baguette like limbs, And all I want is, to be, just like a pancake, Defined by an equation, approximating To flaw-deficiency, and yet I will only be good around the curves … Continue reading Bakery Poet

Meeting JFK in Heaven

My mom makes French Fries With an air fryer, her intentions, Of keeping us healthy, curbing  The LDL Cholesterol to a minimum. So you wonder, why are we so scared Of an angina and death. We are not Shatterproof creatures, and death Is when your heart shatters to minuscule Pieces. Of course, there are the … Continue reading Meeting JFK in Heaven


Pasta comes in all shapes and sizes, But spaghetti is always A long stretch of flour, that unlike A straw fails to keep the shape. Penne makes diagonals, while Raviolli is stuffed. And yet nothing beats the farfalle The little butterflies that creep through the throat To make a bout of hunger disappear. Pasta is … Continue reading Pasta

The Gay Man’s Kite

. Video killed the Radio star. In that moment the cold war ended and so died Innocence, at the hands of the video tape. We were too young to realize That each decade defines a genre A style, a fashion, a craze, or even a bubble That explodes with little warning   In 2017, while … Continue reading The Gay Man’s Kite