The horse’s torso talks to me like a whisper, In the aftermath. Carnage of horse meat, Who sold all the horse-parts to war.  Daggers inside the bull’s mouth, They scrape the color off the paint. Disjointed anatomies in anarchy, Of the sheer persistence of time, From the minute before to the minute after. And there … Continue reading Guernica

The Little Girl In Vietnam

Sirens rang, Everywhere around the small town. Agent Orange, contained in barrels, Were sprayed from helicopters, As plumes, clouds with wings, rose like a Pegasus of smoke Storming like a stallion, the wilderness Caught in a frenzy, unfolding In the anarchy of an alien landing. And all the while there were people, Running zig-zag, cutting … Continue reading The Little Girl In Vietnam

Gay Man in Love

Beauty is not always right, Not always symmetrical, never always a gaze At what you don’t possess, And the other does. Beauty is more Obvious, stranger, mirroring A sculpture that can never be paired In mythology or inside the pages of the bible, But lives in the souls of those, Who drift from the time-eroding … Continue reading Gay Man in Love


There are stray dog pounds more Hygienic than orphanages - Fact not fiction. There are orphans beaten by brute force And thrown objects at, much more than puppies are. There are puppy faces that with time Become Poker faces. You can count more dog lovers Than to-be foster parents. You become lost in the Labyrinths … Continue reading Orphan

Wardrobe Malfunctions

There is laughter everywhere Like a “Carry On” comedy is being Broadcasted on TV, when young men And old, look forward to the next mishap, The next wardrobe malfunction. If you look at the world today, you see, How often celebrities have nip-slips And occasions when the wind, Makes the hemline rise to show More … Continue reading Wardrobe Malfunctions