The anti-christ of politicial correctness,
The great white hope on a crusade,
The afterthought of carelessness,
The bigwig with a big wig, the arrogance in a suit,
The old man of the white house,
The twitter bird and the fat mallard,
The El nino and La nina,
The contradiction and the counter-attack,
The fall guy and the hairspray,
And yet, the strangest coincidence
Of how easy it is to trump over democracy.
The ballot is a sign of the dissonance,
When the notoriety of a candidate
Is both an attraction and distraction.
And a loud man, louder than a freight train, more
Voluble than a cicada, makes
Our hearts feel something or the other,
And what else is there but freedom to pamper us,
To decorate us with ambivalence. The frigid
American heart now looks at a mallard,
A wild duck who came from the wilderness,
Wondering did we do wrong here?
And yet how sweet is a stinking durian,
Who beautiful is the stenching rafflesia,
As the pachyderm called democracy
Takes miniature steps forward and feeds its self with
Little sovereign leaves, photosynthesizing
On their own brilliant brainwaves.
And what else can America do now,
But watch The Donald Show
Unfold in Disneyland.

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