On a skull hill Overlooking a sleepy town There was a man who was evicted.  He was whipped, clothes ripped apart Humiliated in front of throngs, Paraded with two cut throat thieves, And hung on a cross of timber. And today, he is still found on a million crosses, On bed stands, between clavicles, On … Continue reading Conchology


The anti-christ of politicial correctness, The great white hope on a crusade, The afterthought of carelessness, The bigwig with a big wig, the arrogance in a suit, The old man of the white house, The twitter bird and the fat mallard, The El nino and La nina, The contradiction and the counter-attack, The fall guy … Continue reading Trump

Trump and Me

There are yardsticks everywhere you look. The hemline is a measure, Of the degree of a woman putting herself out.  Alcohol tells man how much He can glug, without feeling like shit All over, when the hangover the next morning Seems like a little nauseating pastime. You ask yourself what and who Should measure me. … Continue reading Trump and Me