The cloud formation on top Told us that this was going to be A monsoon eve. We went indoors And took a poem from Neruda, toying With a woman’s anatomy, that to me Was as sensuous as making love. I knew the world we’ve inherited Doesn’t live in superstition, which to The old-fashioned pilgrim, is … Continue reading Old-Fashioned

Kith and Kin

  A flower, a loved one, Who wilts right in front of your eyes, And blossoms flaws on skin Only to one day become, One with the residue of what doesn’t become gas, But stays horizontal beneath earth. Where new floral arrangements Are placed every year, on the same date, Next to an epitaph, that … Continue reading Kith and Kin


An embodiment, a larger-than-life clown Who sells happiness, in Scottish chunks, - After all it is of the McDonald clan -  Which like the kilt, emboldens the pleats Of one’s tummy, the tyres, That when stacked as concentric rings, Makes a child or a grown man, A little heavier around the waist, And perhaps quite … Continue reading McDonalds