Who adds storyline to story, Love to a numb-stricken protein universe, Who sleeps with you, painting the canvases Inside your ventricles, and can give You an angina, any moment She decides to rattle your world, In disembarkment, when she morphs Your body into a fluid, and in departure, That godspeed-instant of goodbye, That like a … Continue reading Woman

At Vienna Coffee Houses

The first goats that chewed On the red berries we call coffee beans, started jumping And dancing, just like able bodied men do On hotel room beds, dancing to the strange tunes The body hums, when spiked of caffeine. This was why the legendary Goatherd Kaldi Dissolved roasted beans on boiling water. And over in … Continue reading At Vienna Coffee Houses


Galle Face is the place to be in Sri Lanka. It’s a walkway adjacent to the beach, Filled with pineapple vendors, kite runners, Ice cream vans and pedestrians, almost in a world of their own. And just on the other side of the road, You find plush hotel lobbies filled with self-made yuppies, Who indulge … Continue reading Colombo