Wet Dream

Have you ever had a wet dream?. You wonder, how does it fall? How does it flow? Is it a river that meanders, or is it An ocean that undulates, Or perhaps a tsunami that billows? Perhaps it is found in the river’s Riparian zone, where bamboo thickets grow Or perhaps it is a watershed, … Continue reading Wet Dream


The infection I cannot forego The foreigner that came To be a patriot. The La Fayette in me Who looks every inch as conflicted As a melee, and as disapproved, as a glass of moonshine, And still I run the marathon of life Like there are eagle wings at the end and that blind man … Continue reading Serendipity


A noteworthy event Where a green card becomes A greener pasture, of what it takes For a man, who crossed the Rio Grande And sneaked through a fence, To know, he now has a tap root, That when uprooted Looks a lot like a carrot stick, Stuck in an amber moment, Caught between the old … Continue reading America

A Gay Man’s Admission

The serenade on the dance floor In a gay night club, took me in To your spell. I didn’t know warlocks Could be so appetizing, to my famished heart As I lunged towards you, from juxtaposition To an interface, not knowing how sweetening The candy is. We are but two jack rabbits In a burrow, … Continue reading A Gay Man’s Admission