Two Poems

Holding Hands Sea Relationship People Happiness
Holding Hands Sea Relationship People Happiness


The moment
You find a little edition
Of fate or fateful
And all of a sudden, the moment
Is gone – in a wink, a beat
An inhale – when circumstance
Issues a consequence.
We can never really endure anything
And that by itself, sells
The human conflict
Of that moment lapsed
Knowing it went too soon
Like a firecracker,
A drop of rain,
A streak of lightning,
Or even for that matter
A lungful-entrapped mouthful
Of entangled lips.

Battling the Storm

It rains often for a man,
Who looks out of the window too often.
And when it rains cats and dogs
You only have your weather-beaten face
Like a gargoyle, presenting to the world
The courage it takes, to face-off the inevitable,
When that moment you were looking for,
For so long, comes true like an epiphany,
And you, all of a sudden feel,
The energy of fate behind you, catapulting you,
To where you want to be;
Surfing inside that mammoth wave,
While looking out through a water pane,
Of your green room.