How educational to look through The scab, a curtain, panes and dew To see a magpie on the lawn, Reminding us, that we are all contrasts Of our own diabolical need to contradict. Like how we go against the conscience Time and again, like it was just a meaningless Voice, perhaps a psychosis of our … Continue reading Circles


Everyone says that a troubled personality Is a fertile plot for garden weeds. But I say, that it is a bed full of worms.  Have you seen an idea Come through from the top to the bottom, Like a compost bin and your mouth Utters it, to the extent to which You understand. In romanticism … Continue reading Nitwit

Two Poems

Transience The moment You find a little edition Of fate or fateful And all of a sudden, the moment Is gone - in a wink, a beat An inhale - when circumstance Issues a consequence. We can never really endure anything And that by itself, sells The human conflict Of that moment lapsed Knowing it … Continue reading Two Poems

Flaming Love

Can I know where to look inside of you, To know that everything you stand for, Prostrates me to your heart, To know, what I don’t know, To feel, what I haven’t felt, To spawn, what two singularities can, When they move towards An interface, and letting your hair Down and your eyes look up, … Continue reading Flaming Love

Perception of Death

Do you remember, being in the backseat of the car Barely a teenager and thinking what happens After death. That singularity without tangibility.  You look at all the evidences coughed Out by pages, written in Sanskrit and Hebrew. Samsara, the reincarnations of our Own selves and eternal life, that speaks Of heaven as a donor … Continue reading Perception of Death