Love Spoken

Dancing Couple

The mother of all feelings
Smother you as the breast hides
What could be unlocked,
In a simple enquiry. The tongue
Steals a moment of breaking
The shackles of tongue-tied,
And poses a question that in earnest
Holds a porcelain moment
That when powered by serendipity
Is a cuppa, a relaxed state when
You encounter the other side of the river
The other bank, where happiness,
Grows as long culms of bamboo,
When the tallest feeling humbles
You, in that instant, nothing makes sense
Only you’re a radiant planet in the milky way,
With a satellite promising you, a journey
To the moon and back, and you’re
Just a space ship in the works,
Waiting for that beautiful edition of fate
To crash-land on her impact craters.