Finding Disneyland

Mouse 2

We hear of mouse models, lab rats,
And Guinea pigs, being used
In cutting edge research, to solve the riddles of 
Cancers, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.
In most cases, you find a narrow lineage
Of little furry creatures, with one
Or two faulty genes, given a subtle dose
Of a little pharmaceutical product or concoction.
Then you keep your fingers crossed, tapping a tune
Inside a lab cubicle, and hope for some glorious change
In a tumorous tissue, or in the poor animal’s
Metabolism or perhaps in a healthier
Heart that will pump like mad
Oxygenated blood, down the aorta.
Still, if you’re one of those Nobel Prize
Chasers, you will need to conjure – ta da -,
A good dose of fortune, which when made sexy in one word,
Reads “Serendipity”, named after a tiny teardrop-shaped
Island in the Indian Ocean, which
In applied science, can only mean
One of those extremely rare events
When a cageful of cheese thieves,
Fed with a simple dose of a miraculous elixir,
Transform in front of your senses,
To yet another clone of a larger-than-life,
And bankable, Mickey Mouse.

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