The Eiffel tower Bridges earth and heaven. And one act is all it takes. And I am the plumber, connecting the pipe, So that there becomes a waterway To the mother of all basins. To flood the locality And fill the remote. Is there anything more salacious Than a bride’s tongue…?

Love Spoken

The mother of all feelings Smother you as the breast hides What could be unlocked, In a simple enquiry. The tongue Steals a moment of breaking The shackles of tongue-tied, And poses a question that in earnest Holds a porcelain moment That when powered by serendipity Is a cuppa, a relaxed state when You encounter…

Finding Disneyland

We hear of mouse models, lab rats, And Guinea pigs, being used In cutting edge research, to solve the riddles of  Cancers, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. In most cases, you find a narrow lineage Of little furry creatures, with one Or two faulty genes, given a subtle dose Of a little pharmaceutical product or concoction….