Sea Creatures of Passion

Looking at the waves tumble towards me, I fathom that the force of my body, Undulate, losing its essence, that Preservative that detaches the body And lets her lose like a mammoth wave. The ocean, with her crimson tide, Lit by the phycoerythrin in those Little cells of cyanobacteria, Letting lose throngs of bell-shaped Jellyfish, … Continue reading Sea Creatures of Passion


I watched Wonder Woman recently On the big screen with my wife, Where the super heroine was trying to find Ares, The Greek god of war, to stop Animosity in this world. I guess, everyone is fighting Their own wars. The war that Is most closest to me, is the one Between rest and work, … Continue reading Sediments

Two Poems titled “Low Tide”

Low Tide The one that got away, just like an eloped kite Poses a question, asks a riddle, that has no answer. You extrapolate from memory Drawing a line from where she left, To the present. Something surreal Takes over you, an inverse of deja-vu Climbing inside your feeble heart, As you learn that the … Continue reading Two Poems titled “Low Tide”


Time-skewed, diseased of sloth I stand in that vacuum, sucked Into it, like a Hoover vacuum cleaner, Learning that time, just passes you by And you’re like the tree whose Braches rattle, leaves rustle, resisting abscission. While my hair, like bamboo culms Waving in the wind, not knowing That every subtle movement Is a choreographed … Continue reading Metamorphosis

On The Balcony

Life feels like an opera sometimes. Everyone watching from balconies Judging the performers on how they perform On stage, their eyes vigilant as ever Scooping out any mistake, Any gap or anything worth criticism. And the balcony, isn’t it just A place with a scenic view, We lift ourselves to, to watch The unfolding drama, … Continue reading On The Balcony

Mars and Venus

Mars, Venus, man and woman, So far apart. I wonder if a Mars Bar knows how much water it will  Take to make the planet Mars Receptive of life. While I wonder If Venus Williams, even at the grand Old age of 37, can win the Wimbledon. Mars is just an inhabitable planet So is … Continue reading Mars and Venus

Time Vessel

I storm out of the door, Late for an appointment with a student. When I realize that time by habit, Drifts faster than we can play catch up. Birthdays now come so fast, Aging is like a speedy morphing process, When one year ends and a new one Begins. And in this timescape, Breaking down … Continue reading Time Vessel

To The Nefarious

The Party Pooper is the one Who spoils the party. Fact not myth. Sometimes we are so blinded, wearing blindfolds We cannot see the truth at the end Of one’s nose. Lies only make Pinocchio And lies, next to Geppeto, looks a lot like “Thou shall not bear false witness” The storm-makers, they come and … Continue reading To The Nefarious


Bacterial sexual reproduction Is called conjugation – how they Are able to exchange genetic material in cell-to-cell contact. While in man, there is a different Kind of conjugation, when cusp And curve meet, toying each other Until there is a tectonic slippage When it is said that, man has engaged In conjugal activity. Nowadays, Even … Continue reading Conjugation