Meat Lover


In that absence of introspection
At the merciless canines,
I stand, no predator in solemnity 
Just another soul, that looks at
The buffer crashing into a chicken, darting across
The street, and smiles nonchalantly.
And in that voracious appetite
To the white and the red, which just like
The wines, makes you inebriated
When you feel the juicy flesh ooze out the taste of the kill,
And all you can do, is say a prayer in silence
And glutton out, knowing, we are the wise ones, wiser
Than a parliament of owls, or a group of chimpanzees,
Knowing that protein, the animal kind,
Keeps you away from anemia
When you’re short of red blood cells.
And still you look at a drumstick or a shank, knowing this was
Once part of a limb, and how easy
Letting the dirty work to be done
By a lonely worker in a slaughterhouse,
And all we have to do, is munch, knowing we’ll have more life
In us, more hemoglobin in our system
To carry molecular oxygen.
We are the same meat, the same protein
The same color – red, and yet
We order meat lovers at Pizza Hut
And a big mac at McDonalds
Knowing a creature, that has 99%
Of our DNA, perished to give
Us our daily dose of blood-free protein.
And have you seen a clueless chicken cross
The street, or a raging bull in a china shop,
Or Humpty Dumpty on a wall?
Aren’t we only sparing, those maladapted creatures,
From their eventual destinies?

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