Banana Republic


It was the American author O. Henry
Who coined the term “Banana Republic”
To explain the exploitation by dictatorships
Of bananas plantations
In Latin-American countries.

And out here in the 21st century,
Just as centuries before, it is just monkey business as usual.
Love is just a pact with little kickbacks
And what else is more erotic
Than a Cavendish plantain from Panama
Stroking the tongue of a lovely Chiquita

And the first time a grown man sees
A Panamax hull squeeze through the Panama canal,
He sees a halo on top of Guzman’s temple.
There’s something exquisite in a little pulp
Caressing a little fencing muscle.

Even the pen name of the greatest poet
Known to Japan, Basho, was coined
After a lonely banana plant in his garden.
That’s how beautiful a banana plant is.
It inspires poets to take a monkey plantain
And make it into a monkey bone – the baculum,
Found in monkeys, that is forever lost to mankind.

Love is no banana republic.
It is only full of beautifully-choreographed banana moments.
And that chemistry is what makes
The sloppy practice of devouring bananas
A franchise of the United Fruit Company.
Man and woman holding a monopoly
For the commodities they trade.

Love and bananas.

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