Bikini (inspired by the picture)

An atomic bomb was dropped
In the Bikini atoll in 1946. Here
Nuclear leaks spilled through
Generations of vegetation and fauna,
Leaving behind a legacy of
Survival and perishment, sometimes both, in
Adjacent plots. Meanwhile the bikini continues
To make spills, seeping out through triangular edges
Of models curvier than Kate Upton
Leaving little to the imagination.

In that breathtaking landscape,
You have silicone everywhere you look;
Playing Peek-a-Boo from behind a little enclosure
Holding a canary yellow popsicle,
She bought from the beach ice cream salesman,
Inside her curved lips, while men
Armed with contact lenses – that too made from silicone –
Look out of their anatomical windows
To see a whale swell out her whale silicone,
Her blubber, gliding past an ocean backdrop
Her lips painted in dazzling summer colors,
Drool sneaking out of her blowhole,
Her smile carrying an invite,
To spume.

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